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The range of reliable flexi leashes is expanded with models New Comfort, New Classic, Black Design and New neon. Model New Comfort is perfectly designed two-color leash is an ingenious eye-catcher any way you look at it. Model New Classic combines a modern features and accessories with the traditional advantages of a flexi. Flexi Black Design comes in three fresh colours that form a striking contrast with the black housing and model New Neon is an outstanding leash it stands out in all weather conditions due to its reflective stickers and neon-colored components.

Cat scratcher Forza cream

The Forza scratcher for cats is extremely stable thanks to its very robust post and big base. The posts are covered with a sisal carpet, while the base, landings and hanging lounger are made of a very fine and pleasant dense plush, which guarantees high comfort and incredible comfort for your cat.

Available in cream color. Dimension 60 x 60 x 150 cm, diameter of posts: 18 cm

Perfect Dog

We would like to launch a premium canned meat for dogs weighing 800 g. Quality complete Perfect Dog food for adult dogs does not contain dyes and preservatives, bone meal, soy or flavorings. Meat content up to 70%. Made in Germany from high quality fresh meat and meat derivatives. 6 different flavours – Veal & tripe / Game & turkey / Lamb / Beef / Game & rabbit / Chicken and chicken hearts.

Car Seat Coverlet

The impregnated coverlet made of 100% polyester serves to protect the rear seats area or the luggage space from dirt, moisture or abrasion. It is easy to install in the car with adjustable straps and holes for attachment to the seat belt are protected by velcro. With our coverlet, you no longer have to worry about destroying or spoiling your seats or luggage area by your pet.

Available in olive color, dimension 150 x 130 cm

Dog harness

The Tommi service harness for dogs is robust, made of very strong oxford material. It has an adjustable lower chest belt and a handle on the back for better control of your dog and his greater comfort.

In current offer we have an easy to attach car harness made of comfortable soft neoprene. There are two metal eaves on the back for fastening to the seat belts. If necessary, you can use this type as a classic harness for your dog.

Both products are available in 4 sizes, black color.

Floating fetching dumbbells Classic

Floating dumbbells in neon colors, guarantee a lot of fun for dogs and their owners during the summertime activities. They are made of light, yet durable materials available in three sizes S, M and L.

Not only water games can be enjoyed by dogs of different breeds and sizes.

Material resistant to pollution. Made in the UK.


Introducing the new brand CAT STEP CRYSTAL to the Czech market we bring a modern solution for clean and healthy toilets of your pets.

Absorbing liquid, the silica gel litters effectively block unpleasant odors inside the crystals. The porous structure and large surface of the crystals of the litter ensures its high ability to instantly absorb liquids. Due to its inorganic origin they prevent reproduction and growth of bacteria – the main source of unpleasant odors. With CAT STEP CRYSTAL there is no need for constant monitoring and daily cleaning of the cat tray, it requires minimal attention. The neutral scented CAT STEP CRYSTAL BLUE contains blue granules to evoke cleanness and has no perfume fragrance. It is ideal for sensitive cats. The perfumed CAT STEP CRYSTAL FRESH MINT litter has green granules and light refreshing mint scent. The aroma gets activated upon contacting with liquid.


CAT STEP TOFU is a high-quality biodegradable soybean-based cat litter. The soybean fibers, which are the basis of the CAT STEP Tofu litter, are soluble in water, so it can be easily flushed down the toilet or used as garden fertilizer. Soybean fiber is a natural and environment-friendly material that is not subject to additional processing with chemical compounds. The product is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for pets and humans. Due to the fibrous structure, soybean granules form a hard lump, which is easy to remove from the tray. Exclusive biotechnology optimizes the ability of the product granules to stick together and effectively absorb liquid and unpleasant odors.
CAT STEP TOFU ORIGINAL has a natural colour and does not contain perfume fragrances. It is ideal for pets with a sensitive sense of smell and pet owners who prefer products without any additional aroma. CAT STEP GREEN TEA is a lightly scented tofu litter containing green tea extract that gives the product a pleasant aroma. Its light green shade enhances its natural origin.

Natures Taste

Innovative and healthy treats in nature-friendly packaging. Grain Free recipes offer small treats ideal for training and sticks for longer chewing. The treat of a specific recipe with beef and coconut oil (not grain free) is also irresistible.