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Miglior Professional NUTRIBENE Formula offers a brand extension of a superior  quality. Premium complete food has high  meat contents – for cats up to 42%, for dogs up to 30%. NUTRIBENE formula is an assortment with a great variety of tastes, sizes and specific nutritional characteristics including formulas for sterilised cats or for small dog breeds.

WC Komoda

Komoda is spacious covered toilet for cats with a filter and a scoop. The scoop is set in the cover and serves as a handle. Available in red, green or blue colour.

Trendy Maasai

Trendy Maasai pet products collection for cats in pastel colors is made of high quality scratch and UV-resistant plastic. Bowls have an anti-slip bottom and a water border to prevent ants from entering to the bowl with a food.      

Tommi Duo collection

Comfort, modern design and quality fabrication –  these are the typical attributes of the Tommi Duo collection. The collection includes tunnels, hammocks, pockets for ferrets and also hammocks and a pet bed for small animals.  


Cubic comfortable textile bed for dogs in an interesting timeless design with a double-sided removable cushion. Available in white-gray pattern combined with gray plush or white-gray-red combined with red plush.

Size: 50 x 40 x 20 cm

Heavy Gloss

Heavy Gloss is a range of premium extra-solid stainless steel bowls. The bowls are decorated with engraved strips, the outer bottom is covered with a silicone anti-slip coating. It is possible to wash them in a dishwasher.

Let your pets enjoy

Let them enjoy our new cozy dog beds „Softy“ or „Donut“.
These small beds for dogs and cats combine modern design, pleasant material and a quality of fabrication.