Introducing the new brand CAT STEP CRYSTAL to the Czech market we bring a modern solution for clean and healthy toilets of your pets.

Absorbing liquid, the silica gel litters effectively block unpleasant odors inside the crystals. The porous structure and large surface of the crystals of the litter ensures its high ability to instantly absorb liquids. Due to its inorganic origin they prevent reproduction and growth of bacteria – the main source of unpleasant odors. With CAT STEP CRYSTAL there is no need for constant monitoring and daily cleaning of the cat tray, it requires minimal attention. The neutral scented CAT STEP CRYSTAL BLUE contains blue granules to evoke cleanness and has no perfume fragrance. It is ideal for sensitive cats. The perfumed CAT STEP CRYSTAL FRESH MINT litter has green granules and light refreshing mint scent. The aroma gets activated upon contacting with liquid.