CAT STEP TOFU is a high-quality biodegradable soybean-based cat litter. The soybean fibers, which are the basis of the CAT STEP Tofu litter, are soluble in water, so it can be easily flushed down the toilet or used as garden fertilizer. Soybean fiber is a natural and environment-friendly material that is not subject to additional processing with chemical compounds. The product is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for pets and humans. Due to the fibrous structure, soybean granules form a hard lump, which is easy to remove from the tray. Exclusive biotechnology optimizes the ability of the product granules to stick together and effectively absorb liquid and unpleasant odors.
CAT STEP TOFU ORIGINAL has a natural colour and does not contain perfume fragrances. It is ideal for pets with a sensitive sense of smell and pet owners who prefer products without any additional aroma. CAT STEP GREEN TEA is a lightly scented tofu litter containing green tea extract that gives the product a pleasant aroma. Its light green shade enhances its natural origin.