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Aqua Lumo

Silicone fast-colored decorations for freshwater aquariums are inspired by the true underwater world.

Their fluorescence effect will appear in the illuminated tank.

Different shapes and colors available.

Aqua Lumo

Let your pets enjoy

Let them enjoy our new cozy dog beds „Softy“ or „Donut“.
These small beds for dogs and cats combine modern design, pleasant material and a quality of fabrication.


The limited edition of well-tried DOTY transport bag models is made of fashionable glossy material with dots. The bags have a zip fastening, a hinged entrance, mesh for visibility and ventilation. 2 sizes suitable for cats and small- or medium-sized dogs.

Miglior Unico

Miglior Unico – monoprotein pockets for dogs and cats are especially suited to animals with food intolerance to some type of meat or mixture.

Wine Decor

Wine Decor – is a natural decoration made from the roots of grapevine. It is suitable primarily for terrariums. Available in different shapes and sizes. Purified only mechanically.

DECO sands

DECO sands ideal for betta tanks, aquariums, terrariums. Wide range of colours, optimal grain, harmless top coating, colours are certificated as safe for pets in the tank.