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Sonnenland is a brand of premium and superpremium pet food. Includes mixes, delicacies, and shaped foods for exotics birds, dwarf rabbits, rodents, and wild birds. The recipes reflect trends in pet nutrition, for example a mixture with a reduced fat content or a lower cereal content.

Unico Mini

Complete food Migliorcane UNICO MINI is a balanced food for adult dogs weighing less than 5 kg. Turkey or ham pockets help to maintain the intestinal and emotional balance of dwarf dogs for 24 hours.

Unico Mini

Aqua Lumo

Silicone fast-colored decorations for freshwater aquariums are inspired by the true underwater world.

Their fluorescence effect will appear in the illuminated tank.

Different shapes and colors available.

Aqua Lumo


Miglior Professional NUTRIBENE Formula offers a brand extension of a superior  quality. Premium complete food has high  meat contents – for cats up to 42%, for dogs up to 30%. NUTRIBENE formula is an assortment with a great variety of tastes, sizes and specific nutritional characteristics including formulas for sterilised cats or for small dog breeds.

WC Komoda

Komoda is spacious covered toilet for cats with a filter and a scoop. The scoop is set in the cover and serves as a handle. Available in red, green or blue colour.

Trendy Maasai

Trendy Maasai pet products collection for cats in pastel colors is made of high quality scratch and UV-resistant plastic. Bowls have an anti-slip bottom and a water border to prevent ants from entering to the bowl with a food.