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Warm Jackets

Fashionable lightweight warm jacket Scarlet with detachable hood decorated with a heart-shaped stone application. Buddy outdoor model for cold weather with detachable hood in natural color. Stylish lightweight warm Jungle jacket for cold days with detachable hood, upper material with jungle pattern and fashionable color combination.

All jackets has a thermoregulating filling made of hollow fiber, which will keep your pet warm. They also have a flexible abdomen and the upper material is water resistant.
We highly recommend regular impregnation.

Cushion Lusso

The cushion in a luxurious gold design provides high comfort for your pet. The outer material is a water-resistant polyester fabric, with a PU coating on the bottom, which provides resistance to moisture. The filling is polyester fiber, ensuring excellent thermal properties and comfort.
Available in 3 sizes.

Toys for Dogs & Cats

Tommi introduce new toys for dogs and cats. For dogs, we have enlarged the popular edition of Serengeti Soul toys by another 4 friends and a complete novelty are Mr. Hardy with a hippopotamus or raccoon’s head, a cotton rope and a TPR teether, suitable for fetch training.

Attractive and tempting jute toys with a catnip are waiting for cats.

MISTY Bed for Cats

Misty bed for cats, which provides a cozy shelter thanks to its shape and warm removable cushion. For even greater comfort, it can be equipped with a small blanket. The bottom can be opened and separated using a zipper around the perimeter.

Tommi Ducks & Swans

Tommi is now launching on the market new feed for wild waterfowl. Floating granules specially developed together with the Apetit brand soften after being thrown into the water, but do not get wet. A healthy delicacy for swans, ducks, geese and gulls with an optimal ratio of minerals and nutrients.

Filter CY20

Powerful external nano filter CY20 with three-stage filtration (mechanical – foam, biological – ceramic rings, chemical – activated carbon) is suitable for small aquarium tanks. It also clears the surface and aerates the water in the aquarium. Power 3W, 200 l / h, for tanks up to 60 l.

Cages for Exotic Birds and Rodents

We are expanding the Tommi product range with cages for exotic birds and rodents in an attractive and modern design. Selected models are available with complete equipment. Give your pets a cozy and comfortable home, for which they will reward you with infinite love.

Terrarium substrates

In current month we have prepared for you a wide range of terrarium substrates and beddings for the natural environment and comfort of your mysterious pets. Whether you own a varan, chameleon, spider, snake or another terrarium animal, you will certainly find a suitable bedding just for him. We have not forgotten about the shelters they need for they natural way of life and which will also serve as natural decorations.

Cool Mat – Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are a cool July novelty in Tommi. They are combination of MEGA cooling and fun, SUPER endurance and COOL design.

The Cool Mat cooling pad contains a filling made of PU foam and a non-toxic CMC gel, which, thanks to its properties, maintains a constant temperature of around 27 ° C. The pad is cool to the touch and this effect is activated by the pressure of the animal’s body during use.

Available in 3 sizes.