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Splash & Fun Pools

Splash & Fun pools are combination of MEGA cooling and fun, SUPER endurance and COOL design.

Pools are folding which is an ideal addition for hot travelling summer days. Your four-legged pet will definitely love it. After impregnation with water, it keeps its shape thanks to the reinforced parts of the walls and thanks to the walls made of flexible panels, it can be easily placed in the corner. The bottom is equipped with a drain plug and a non-slip finish, the product includes a bag for easy carrying and storage.

Available in 3 sizes.

Tugs Tommi

Our nowelty in our product range is high quality, tightly braided tugs made of natural materials, which every dog will love. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes easily. The tugs are extremely strong, yet gentle on your pets’ gums. Make them happy and give them a lot of fun with Tommi tugs.

Prodac Tartavit

Tartavit is supplementary liquid food for water turtles and small reptiles. It also has a beneficial effect on accelerating the calcification of the turtle’s carapace, reactivating the vital functions of reptiles after hibernation and supporting the growth of young. Give your little pets healthy care that your pet will appreciate.


We enlarge the offer of brand Apetit by bird grit, bird sand and feed for fish.

Bird sand is intended for every type of birds, helps hygiene in the cage, supports digestions and serves as a resource of important minerals.

Bird grit serves as supplementary mineral food for birds, is a valuable source of minerals, important for bone building and feather growth and an indispensable supplement to support metabolism.

Feed for fish we offer in the form of pellets (for outdoor and pond fish) or in the form of flakes (for aquarium fish).


We are enlargeing the offer of the extremely successful CAT STEP brand by bentonite litter for cat toilets. CAT STEP is a lasting brand on the modern pet bedding market. Our bentonite bedding is made from exceptionally high-quality snow-white bentonite from a unique site in Turkey. CAT STEP COMPACT WHITE is available in the unscented natural version ORIGINAL suitable for pets with a sensitive sense of smell and in the unique variant CARBON with activated carbon, which gives the product unique antiseptic properties. Activated carbon prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the litter and increases the product’s ability to retain even the strongest odors. Bentonite clumping litters perfectly absorb moisture and immediately eliminate unpleasant odors. They are non-toxic, dust-free and completely safe for humans and animals.

Grace in Grey

Our novelty for this month is a nice bed for cats Grace in Grey in an imaginative modern design, in the shape of a cat with ears and tail. High quality, dense and extremely fine plush guarantees a comfortable rest.  The shape of the tunnel gives the necessary privacy, a security feeling and a cozy shelter for your cat’s free time.

Puppy Field Carbon

In current month we have prepared for you an attractive premium novelty Puppy Field Carbon – ultra absorbent sanitary pads with activated carbon. These pads are high-quality with a high degree of absorbency, which, thanks to a layer of activated carbon, also retain all unwanted odors without the use of aggressive perfumes. Puppy Field pads have 6 layers for perfect protection: the already mentioned carbon layer for 3x more effective odor neutralization just below the top fine nonwoven fabric, inner layers of fluffy fiber for maximum comfort and a special layer of synthetic polymers with the ability to absorb up to 100x its volume, so safely retains fluids, blood and tissue secretions. The lower part is formed by an impermeable PE layer. Pads are suitable for households and surgeries also.

Turtle Color Sticks

We would like to introduce new and high quality supplementary food for aquatic and terrestrial turtles. It supports energy, vitality and activity. Made in Czech Republic. Available in 120 g packing.