Tommi CZ Ltd.

left_newsHas been active on the field of pet accessories and pet food for 25 years. Pet breeding is also a hobby for most of our staff thus these experiences are reflected in our work. Quality services, attractive offer of merchandise, fast and flexible solution of complaints to the satisfaction of our customers is the spirit of our business. Our assortment contains of 3500 attractive items. Finally, we do not forget those who need us the most. We are regular sponzor of foundations and shelters for animals.


  • gt100
    10/2016 - Beautiful and smart aquarium complete GT 100 amazes with its appearance and above standard equipement. It includes built-in pump, LED lighting with no-shock effect or 4-level filter which is hidden in the back... More...
  • nativni
    10/2016 - No dog resists to the natural smell and taste of the native delicacies Dr. Jag Yummy Snack. Chews are 100% natural and dried with hot air without the use of preservatives and chemical... More...