Tommi CZ s.r.o.

Breeding supplies and pet food.

About us

For over thirty years, Tommi CZ s.r.o. has stood as a prominent manufacturer, premier wholesaler, and distributor of an extensive array of breeding supplies. Not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also on foreign markets. Our products can be bought by breeders even in Chile or Singapore.
Love for pets is our work, passion and mission.
We participate in the most beautiful relationship - between human and animals, a bond based on mutual trust, love and respect. These same values are the foundation of our business relationships.
With endless enthusiasm, joy and deep respect, we fulfill the needs and wishes of all pet lovers and breeders.

Our private brands

We are proud to create a portfolio of our own brands. Proven, high quality products, including a diverse range of premium pet products.

Represented brands

We represent a selection of trusted brands that represent the top of the industry and are ready to impress with imaginative, modern design, superior quality and innovative materials.

Our distribution

You can find products from our production or distribution in small shops as well as in large stores.

We cooperate with Czech and Slovak leading distributors of pet products, thus ensuring optimal market coverage and complete satisfaction and comfort of end customers and their pets.


Tommi CZ s.r.o.

Za Nádražím 2569, 397 01 Písek, CZ | export@tommicz.e

+420 382 211 721

TIN: 26095700

The company is registered with the Regional Court in České Budějovice under file number C 13706/KSCB